Motion Study

For dancers of All Levels!

Kate Ford, U.S. Open Showcase Champion, asserted to Mary’s students during a workshop that she credits Motion Study for her U.S. Open win!  



Motion Study has always been Mary's most-popular class in San Diego, in North County, at National Dance Conventions, and on dance cruise ships. 

Motion Study is great for dances of all levels as it

  • Eliminates that beginner look, imparts style, elevates the overall dancing level of experienced dancers who desire to be more dynamic and graceful on the dance floor.
  • Saves you a lot of agonizing time and money later on when you want to unlearn bad habits.
  • Makes you a more dynamic dancer in all of your dances.
  • Makes the difference between amateur dancing and champion dancing!

Motion Study

  • Teaches you to dance with your whole body, not just your feet.
  • Teaches you to connect your dancing with the music—like the professionals!
  • Converts the technique you learn in class into a habit so that you can take it out on the dance floor.
  • Is also great exercise for strengthening your waist, torso, hips, and thighs!  

Who developed Motion Study?

  • Motion Study was originally developed for professional dancers by internationally renowned Skippy Blair, "the Teachers' Teacher." 
  • Mary Manzella combines Skippy's techniques with her own knowledge gained in 25 years of competing, performing, choreographing, teaching, and judging. 
  • Mary Manzella is the only teacher of Motion Study in San Diego. If you don't take it from Mary, you have to go to L.A. to take it from Skippy Blair--the inventor--herself.

Mary's Motion Study class at the Laughlin Dance Weekend made an amazing transformation in participants' dancing. When Mary applied Motion Study to their West Coast Swing patterns, the participants—who came into the class at the beginning level—suddenly looked like dancers.  —DB

Power Package!

West Coast Swing and Motion Study

Mary Manzella's West Coast Swing classes give you quality instruction 
while Motion Study connects you with the music!

This combination maximizes your time and money!