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Mary Manzella Dance!

About Mary Manzella

Photo Album of Mary's Wedding Couples

Jennifer & Steve

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Dan & Kena
Thank you very much for your help in getting us ready for our first dance. We had a lot of things to think about while getting ready for our wedding, but we wanted to shine as much as possible for all the dance people there as well as our friends. The Nightclub Two-Step (Mary style) was perfect for our song, "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Elvis. We received many compliments for our short but sweet choreography provided by you and the graceful style you were able to teach us. We have watched the video of our dance many times since."
Dan & Kena

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Jacqueline & Dale
"Mary, you made our wedding a storybook event. Thank you!"
—Jacque and Dale

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Courtney & Jesse
"Mary Manzella is a miracle worker. She choreographed a routine specifically for our wedding day, and she made learning it exciting and easy. When the big day came, we wowed our guests and now have great memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks, Mary!"
—Courtney and Jesse

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Heather & Chris


Thanks for all you did for us. We had a great time on our wedding day, and the dance was a big hit!

Take care,"

—Heather and Chris

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Natalie & Arron


We were so impressed with how you taught us such a personalized, well choreorgraphed dance. As you said, We'll be able to use what you taught us forever! It was fun to learn too. You have such an upbeat fun style! Thank you for teaching us the great dance moves

Take care,"

—Natalie and Arron

Lyobasha & Randy


Our first dance was great, everybody loved it and couldn't stop talking about it! In fact, my sisters were crying! Thanks so much for helping us.


—Randy and Lyobasha

Jennifer & Von


We just wanted to thank you for choreographing such a beautiful first dance for Von and I to do at our wedding. The moves were very much "us". Our photographer said it was the best first dance he's ever seen! Many people have said we looked like we were on Dancing with the Stars. It was an absolute highlight to our wonderful day. We have even had people asking for copies of the tape to see it again and show their friends! Thank you for taking the time to create such an awesome performance for us. We appreciate all your time and energy!


—Jennifer and Von

Kelly & Kent


I am enclosing a photo montage of our tango at the wedding. It was an incredible hit! You are a fabulous teacher.

—K & K

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